Bikram yoga… sounds fancy, right. If you know what it is, then chances are, you probably do it. For those of you with at least a bit of sanity left and haven’t tried it, Bikram yoga is simply hot yoga. An excruciatingly hot, humid, hour and a half workout in which every yogi uses the 26 different poses to prove they are in fact, half pretzel. If this is your kind of thing, then kudos to you! I wish I had even a quarter of your focus, dedication, and breathe-holding abilities. I’ve only attended one Bikram class in my life… within five minutes, I found my chances of survival to be minimal. Without the help of the yoga gods and a pose called shavashana (a.k.a corpse pose… you literally just lay on your mat) there is no way I would have left that humid concrete-walled hell alive. I know it sounds like I am an anti-Bikram bitch, but really… that’s not the case. I’m simply extremely jealous. Of course I’m envious of their slim, stretchy, contortionist bodies; but that’s not what really gets me… it’s their custom apparel. Their yoga pants and yoga tanks that tell the world “ I’m fit, I exercise, and because of that you should assume I am a vegan, green-smoothie drinking goddess.” I want people to think all of those lovely things about me. Then it dawned on me- I don’t have to re-live that 90 minute trip to hell in order to trick people into thinking I’m a yogi, I just have to dress like one. Seeing as I’m broke as a joke, I can’t justify adorning my body with $90 see-through pants from LuLu Lemon. But I won’t let that ruin my dreams of looking like a fitness guru; instead, I head to where I can choose AND customize all of my yoga girl “costumes”. Thanks to the high quality of products,when I wear my Bella Canvas Ladies’ Straight Leg Fleece Sweatpants, I can go out into the world with confidence that my cheetah panties won’t be shining through the back of my pants for all of god’s creation to see- that in and of itself is a reason to visit Whether you’re a real worker-outer or just trying to look the part (like me), go to for all your “fit girl” fashion needs… you won’t regret it. And you can trust me… I look like I do yoga.

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