Valentine’s Days is a holiday where you see red hearts and pink hearts. It's a holiday where boyfriends suffer through romcoms in silence. Candy and roses flow.We all have those friends who are convinced St. Valentine’s Day was made up by the greeting card companies to sell more cards. Well, it wasn’t. You’re thinking of Mother’s/Father’s Day. 


For those of you who don’t have a significant other, Valentine’s Day truly sucks. It really, honestly, definitely, entirely, whole-heartedly (no pun intended) sucks. For those of you, may we suggest you and your other single friends band together to enjoy each other’s company. Who says you have to be a couple to enjoy a good Valentine’s Day? You can watch Valentine’s Day movies, eat candy and trade roses, the whole nine yards. We have white, red, and pink t-shirt options available to get your party in the right spirit. 


Conversely, if you’re not a fan of the holiday you could have an Anti-Valentine’s Day party. You can watch horror movies, or sci-fi, or arthouse period pieces: anything but love. You can eat broken heart cookies, or heart-shaped cookies with black icing. We have t-shirts that come in black that would be very stylish to wear at  an  Anti-Valentine’s Day party. Like regular Valentine’s party t-shirts, you can used them year after year, as long as you lay off the candy the rest of the year and can still fit into your shirt. Maybe keep the chocolate on Valentine’s Day and the Peeps on Easter. 


Or if you’re alone and you don’t want to be, why not make a shirt advertising your availability. We have no minimum t-shirt options available for just a single t-shirt for a single person. Why not have a party that encompasses all Valentine’s groups, not just couples or singles? Ever heard of a stoplight party? Red t-shirt means you’re taken, yellow t-shirt means it’s complicated, and green t-shirt means you’re free to date. You can order t-shirts for all three groups and let everyone enjoy their Valentine’s day together. It gives the single people a chance to mingle with singles, it keeps the taken ones from being hit on, and it allows the complicated group to be…complicated? That one we’re still working out.  Plus, you’ll get a better price per shirt ordering in bulk.

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