As previously established, Google surely knows I am an utter lunatic. I don’t even have normal things to be ashamed of, like visits to dirty websites or an online shopping addiction I’m covering up…rather, it’s things like “how to make your own Horcrux” or  “What happens when you mix skittles with peanut butter.” Totally normal, in my grown-up opinion.

However, today I thought I would let Google be the lunatic for a change, and typed in “What happens when” hoping for some glorious auto-fill. And boy, Google did not disappoint. Now because of all of the other loonies on the interwebs typing in strange things, I feel epically better. Case in point:


Zoom in…

Quite a range of topics. You never know when you might simultaneously need to know about water breaking and bankrupt movies. Good thing you have Google! Good golly, this is just chalk-full of hilarious excellence. There's no way this is not going on a t-shirt. 


This is the magic of creating a WhoopTee- you can literally put ANYTHING YOU WANT on a custom t-shirt! Complete amazingness. This one literally took me about five seconds: 1) Google weird things, 2) Take screen captured of said Googled topic, 3) Upload weird screen capture to WhoopTee t-shirt, 4) Click “Remove White” to be rid of any unwanted chunky white background, and 5) Use sizing (+) and (-) buttons to achieve the perfect image size. Super easy! Try it out for yourself today, and create your own custom t-shirt screen print that you and your whole team will love. You won’t be disappointed! 

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