Today is #NationalMascotDay, and all over the Twitterverse teams are recognizing their mascots, the unsung heroes. Fans are also expressing their love for their all time favorite mascots. Especially as a kid, a mascot is a big part of fandom. How many young Cardinals fans have warm, fuzzy memories of Fredbird that carry with them into adulthood? Or for the antics of the Philly Phanatic. Or any mascot for that matter. 


Many of us remember the mascot from our high school or college team. Blackburn College has Barney the Beaver, for example. Most high schools have a mascot. If it’s not a physical mascot with a person in a giant, uncomfortable suit, they at least have a symbol, usually with a unique name that represents the team. 


We think mascots are pretty cool, and judging by the tweets on #NationalMascotDay, so does everyone else. In that spirit, your school or team can’t afford to miss out on the good will, team spirit, brand recognition, and merchandise a mascot brings to the table. With WhoopTee, you can create a design online using our designer tool and order cheap custom t-shirts with your mascot on them. You can even upload your own image!


Our orders ship for free in two weeks, and the more you buy, the lower the cost per shirt. You can order in bulk and make sure to have plenty of shirts on hand for the rest of the season. We also offer hoodies, and custom pants for the perfect team-spirit apparel choices. These also make for great team warmup gear. 


w gives you the power to create shirts for your mascot and your teams exactly the way you want them. You can easily choose the color, type, fonts, graphics, and more of your custom apparel and order them with the click of a button, middle man free. Rest assured, our team monitors the designs before they’re printed. If something looks off about your design, they will let you know before it is printed.

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