So when do you Pin? Are you the type that gets up first thing in the morning and jumps on your tablet? Do you inconspicuously try to browse on your phone while sitting at your cubicle?  Or do you snuggle into bed at the end of the day, break out the laptop and go to town?


No matter when you Pin, make sure you add Whooptee to your list of Pinterest favorites to follow.  If you don’t have an account, don’t worry!  Once you start you won’t want to stop.


Sign in using your Facebook or Twitter account; you can choose to replicate your profile or make a separate account.  Check your settings if you want to get the latest information emailed to you.  Next, add the Pin It button or use the Pin feature already installed on your favorite websites - like Whooptee!  Once your in your account, create a board.  A board is a category of interest you can name and customize; boards help keep you organized once your get the itch to Pin everything. All that’s left is to re-pin, like and comment.


Once you find Whooptee’s Pinterest page, you’ll be mesmerized by the creative quotes, DIY options and designs.  Some of the photos were submitted by our fans and others are great ideas we’ve found on the web.  But don’t just limit yourself to t-shirts, look for custom hoodies, personalized shorts and even pet apparel. Once inspired, visit our website to shop and design your own t-shirt.  


So, no matter when, it’s easy to Pin . . . now, if it were just easier to turn those Pins into reality . . .   Whooptee - Where Our Shirts Meet Your Designs!


Whooptee on Pinterest

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