Today is Ben Franklin Day, and it’s a good time to celebrate one of the most important figures in US history. Franklin was the ideal Renaissance man: he was a scientist, a philosopher, an inventor, and an important political thinker who contributed to not just the US, but to western-style democratic republics. Franklin’s accomplishments as an inventor and scientist are just as legendary as his political works and wit as a writer. 


Franklin is the rare type of person who has many pursuits and is accomplished across those fields. Where is the next Ben Franklin? Is he or she in your home or classroom? There’s only one way to find out: stimulate your children or students intellectually and encourage them to try other disciplines and leave their comfort zone. 


One school of thought is that focusing on one area, math, science, language, etc, allows for greater focus and therefore more proficiency. The same thought applies to sports. However, you never know if you’re good at something until you try. There is nothing wrong with being worldly and broadening your horizons. 


Encourage your child or students to chase many passions, and give new things a chance. We can never no what kind of achievement our civilization will be robbed of if the next Ben Franklin is discouraged from exploring new subjects. 


Does your school have a STEM club? If not, you really should consider starting one. If you do have one, ordering custom t-shirts for your students will help engage them and make them feel part of a group. We have a guide on ordering t-shirts for classrooms here. Check it out before you order. WhoopTee orders ship for free in two weeks, so work that into your time table enjoy being able to avoid the extra expenses.

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