August brings out an array of mixed emotions for those of us living in St. Louis. The whining about Summer being over has already begun. Given the last Winter we had, I guess it's justifiable. But Winter isn't here yet so make the best of the beautiful weather while you can! Living in St. Louis defintely has it's perks. There are a ton of winerires located witin an hour and a half of the city. So, ditch the gloomy attitude, call your friends and grab your favorite oversized wine glass. One last task to complete before your trip. Design your own custom hoodies or group t-shirts for you and your friends. Besides pulling up to the winery in a big yellow school bus, your group should really stand out among everyone. Perfect opportunity to take an adventure with your busy friends outdoors before it gets too cold. It's a great way to celebrate, bond and keep tabs on that one friend who may (always) have had one too many samples! You never know what kind of annual occasion you may have created once it's all said and done. Guaranteed that the custom apparel will make you smile for years to come when you encounter it again. So, stop whining and plan your day trip to the St. Louis area wineries for fun memories with friends! Traditions are awesome and so are custom threads. You do your part and we'll do ours!

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