Whoa.......whoa. Tees like this that have the ability to re-imagine how we interpret the world, stretch our minds, and push our understanding of traditional objects are by definition, pretty rad. Fitting, considering this tee was conjured up by The Imaginary Foundation, a think tank from Switzerland that focuses on experimental research and the power of imagination. Their creations have been making waves with t-shirts since 2002, with super-detailed designs such as this one. And yes, with typical t-shirts I think less is more, and simplicity is (in general) more successful than overworked. But here, the excessive detail is so artfully rendered and intentional that it functions in a really credible, visual way. The elegant simplicity appears in the narrative, rather than the design. It sort of reminds me of that Shel Silverstein book, The Giving Tree. You know you've all read it. If not, (did you HAVE a childhood?) it's never too late to appreciate the beautiful, majestic simplicity of a story like that. Enjoy.

To check out more from Imaginary Nation, click here: http://fabnob.com.au/imaginary-foundation

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