Happy Friday, friends! Like everyone, I get wary of the many marketing materials shoved down my throat on a regular basis, especially when the products and services promoted are totally sub-par. But try to momentarily reserve your skepticism and listen to me when I say you HAVE to give the WhoopTee designer tool a shot, where you can design your very own custom t-shirt. Do it. Don’t think twice about it...just go. Right now. You have no excuse. I am thrilled to take a break from the “normal” oregon trail//zombie/catpocalypse lunacy that grabs my attention and share with you my own experience with the tee shirt designer tool on the WhoopTee website, which is awesomely not sub-par. Trust me, fellow t-shirt lovers. I wouldn’t lead you astray! Before I saw how it worked I was a little skeptical as well, especially because there are a lot of things that can go wrong in the process of designing a tee. Surely you've seen some of these: tees with graphics that aren't centered, tees that have text spelled incorrectly, poor color and design choices, awkward colors, awkward slogans, plain awkwardness emanating from decidedly awkward tee...the list goes on.

But the feature is so thorough and well-designed that juvenile errors like that are easily avoidable, with innovations like the alignment tool that keeps text and images centered, tons of color, style, font and text options, and more. Similarly to Photoshop, the tool works with multiple layers so that you can change, alter, or move around your text and graphics in order to create your own individual tee. Because I am a nutcase with a lot of free time on my hands, I took the liberty of designing my very own special sample tee and took a screenshot of the graphic I used. I know, you’re all pinned to the edge of your seats- the suspense is killing you. What was it, Jorie? Well my lovelies, let me tell you. I've really wanted to see one of these on a tee, almost as much as the catpocalypse tee. Thankfully, someone took care of that impulse for me, so I can move onto bigger and better things...like Ryan Gosling memes! Bah!
The graphic I've used is one of many Ryan Gosling memes, which have successfully exploded into the meme world. Way to go, Ryan Gosling meme originator! Nothing against memes, as they spread infinite amounts of hilariousness- but that's sort of like saying you're the duke or duchess of Starwars Paraphernalia R’ Us on Yelp (aka, nerdsquad). Anywhatsit, If you can't read it, the photo of deliciously disheveled Ryan is accompanied by the text: "Hey girl, I love the way you made that mason jar into a lamp." Yum. Don't mind if I do take that compliment. I've spent years wasting paycheck after paycheck at Hobby Lobby and making wind chimes out of broken beer bottles and sentimental seashells in hopes that one day, Ryan Gosling would recognize my greatness. And by golly, that day has come! In addition to the graphic I've added the Twitter hashtag, because no custom-designed tee shirt is complete without one of those. Lastly, because I'm unbelievably tacky, I threw an arched "Mrs. Gosling" on the back (you can sort of see it on the left hand side of the screenshot, which has photos of the front and back of the shirt). Why not? I recognize that on a scale of one to tacky, this surely enters into the realm of the offensively tacky. But hey, it's my tee. I can be as tacky or un-tacky as I want, which is the beauty of the design tool. Test-drive it for yourself online for your very own custom-designed tee!


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