May is for milestones: graduations, weddings, first outing to the Cannes Film Festival in France . . . you know, normal, everyday things.  For Caroline, on May 9, it was Bat Mitzvah time!  This coming of age in the Jewish community when a girl enters spiritual maturity is marked with much preparation and even more festivities.  Such as:


  1. Spiritual reflection  

  2. Learn Hebrew

  3. Study Judaism

  4. Ask questions

  5. Read the Torah

  6. Perform Mitzvot

  7. Set the date

  8. Choose your Torah portion

  9. Start your Mitzvah project

  10. Discuss your portion with your rabbi

  11. Go to Shabbat services

  12. Study and understand your Torah portion

  13. Study the Haphtarah portion

  14. Choose who will do your Aliyahs

  15. Work on your service project

  16. Book the reception hall, food, drink and entertainment

  17. Write a speech

  18. Send invitations

  19. Have a rehearsal

  20. Pick a theme

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Now in your spare time, go to to choose your favorite piece of custom apparel to give to your friends and family.  Here the theme “Sweet Caroline” was screen printed along the backs of J. America Vintage Zen Full Zip Hooded Fleece Jackets, Gildan Ultra Cotton Tees and Canvas Long Sleeve Raglan Hawthorne Baseball T-Shirts


After entertaining guests with music, a gourmet meal, and a beautiful cake, you can’t leave the parting gift to chance.  Our product line has something for everyone at high quality standards and an affordable price.  If you have trouble deciding on a design, try our easy to use Designer Tool to test it out.  If you’re still in doubt, speak with one of our customer representatives to guide you in the right direction.

Above all, take lots and lots of pictures!  Sure, you can preserve the day for years to come, BUT you can also use them to submit to our Photo Contest!  Each month we choose one winner to receive a $200 credit towards their next purchase of group shirts; you’ll also receive a 20% discount code just for entering.  Take a lesson from ‘Sweet Caroline:” study first, party later and design with in mind!  




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