Hello friends, welcome back to WhoopTee Roundup where we take a look around the old Twitter machine and bring you topics of conversation happening right now. Social media, and especially Twitter, can be a little depressing these days with heavy issues, hurt feelings, and mean spirits running rampant. With that said, we’re here to take a trip to the lighter side. 




Do you love video games? What have they thought you? Be it in life, or in the gaming world, video games are ripe with lessons to be learned. For the button mashers, campers, cheat coders, and n00bs out there, take this as a moment to hop on Twitter and share your video game life lessons. If you love games, maybe you should design a custom game t-shirt for yourself with our no minimum orders, or for your gaming team, club, or friend group.


With back to school season in full swing, talk to your school about the possibility of forming an eGaming team, or at least a club. With the sport on the rise, and more major tournaments and college scholarships available, take the plunge and don’t forget team teams! 




Want to hear a dirty joke? A horse fell in the mud. Today is National Tell A Joke Day, and it reminds us just how integral humor is the human condition. Comedy can change minds and bring people together. Laughter can be a cure for emotional wounds. Today, tell a good-spirited joke to a friend. Bring a smile to their face and brighten someone’s day. 




One sting that can sometimes be dulled with laughter is rejection. No one loves rejection, though it is a natural part of life. Sometimes it can be minor, other times profound and hurtful. Twitter is awash today with people helping each other out getting over rejection. Sometimes, a little self-deprecating humor can actually make you feel better. Own your rejection, and learn from it. Or, let it wash off your shoulders if it comes more in the mean-spirited troll variety.

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