Welcome to WhoopTee Roundup, where we look at lots of topics in the custom t-shirt world and life itself. Here are a few items to chew over on the last day of March. 


Don’t be an April Fool


Tomorrow is April 1st and as is tradition, everyone you know will be trying to get one over on you. April fools! April fools! It’s just about the most annoying thing in the world. Well, we’re not going to get in on the action. No April Fools jokes will be played on our customers, and that includes at checkout. When you order from WhoopTee, our free quote tool will tell you exactly what you owe, with no surprises. We even offer free shipping!


Spring is almost in swing


Spring is starting to heat up, make sure to get your spring fashion ordered now so you’re ready for warmer weather. With spring, summer isn't far behind. You have to be ready for the heat. We have tank tops and shorts available, as well as shirts with moisture wicking fabric to keep you dry and beat the heat! Browse our options and find the perfect fit. 


Bunsen Burner Day


Happy Bunsen Burner Day! Today is a day to celebrate science, and there are few popular symbols of a laboratory than a Bunsen burner. It’s important that we encourage kids to pursue science, and one of the best ways to do that is to encourage laboratory experiments and experiences. We at WhoopTee love supplying custom t-shirts to school groups, including science clubs and STEM clubs. 


Always free shipping


When you order from WhoopTee you can count on free shipping. If you want to know when your potential order will arrive, check the upper right had corner of your screen. Our orders ship for free in two weeks, and you can be certain of that. 

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