Welcome to WhoopTee Roundup, were we run down the hot topics floating around in the ether and condense them down for your reading pleasure. TGI Friday, and you’re ready to get out of the office and enjoy your weekend. Without further ado, let’s round it up! 




Today is National Best Friends Day, and it’s all over Twitter. Today is a day to celebrate friendship, and recognize that special person in your life. There is nothing more powerful than a strong, supportive friendship. If you check Twitter today, you’ll see plenty of people tweeting about Best Friends Day. Get in on the action. Create a cheap custom tee for you and your bestie and share the design on Twitter. You can find lots of great inspiration from a quick glance at the trends. 


Capitols Fans are Rejoicing 


The Capitols are Stanley Cup Champions! It was a hard road to the win, and involved many years of misery. To the fans who kept the faith, congratulations. To the gamblers who accepted buyouts on their wagers on the Golden Knights, congratulations. For those of you who haven't heard, the upstart expansion Las Vegas Golden Knights were 500:1 odds coming into the season to win the Stanley Cup. In a miracle Cinderella Story, the Knights made it to the finals. Some book makers offered payouts of 100:1 if betters cashed out before the finals. Now that’s a bit of gamesmanship to be proud of, for the people who took the buyout before the Knights lost. Take a bit of your purse, and make a custom t-shirt to celebrate. We suggest a simple black and while design with 100:1. 


No Reservations 


Another sad trend is floating around the Twitterverse today. Popular TV host Anthony Bourdain is dead at age 61. While remembering Bourdain, take a page from his book and travel, see the world, try new foods, and experience other cultures.

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