Welcome to WhoopTee Roundup, where we scour Twitter and condense the zeitgeist of the day down into a few hashtags for your consumption. Why did for a bunch of Halloween sized Twix when you can just eat  king size? Anyway, here’s what’s up in the US today with no politics and no negativity. 




The Clash are a favorite band of many, and an inspiration to many more. Their classic punk masterpiece London Calling has been influencing musicians and fans for decades. Today is the anniversary of The Clash playing their first show in the US. London Calling and Combat Rock are two classic, beloved rock albums with a lasting influence. Just as the Clash combined elements of many genres, so to is their influence diverse. 




While we’re peering into the past, why not take a look at a great throwback look: 70’s punk. Leather, tattered jeans, t-shirts, you know what we mean. Punk has evolved over the years, but the classic look from the early days of the genre is still in the popular memory. This would no doubt dismay the original punks, dressing the way they did as a counter culture statement and trying to be as individual and obnoxious as possible. 


Were you a punk back in the day? Are you still one? Infuse that attitude into your next custom t-shirt design!




According to the groundhog, winter won’t last long this year. Maybe now is the perfect time to start thinking about your summer apparel. We have a wide array of tank tops perfect for warm weather and fun in the sun. Check them out and ponder your next design. 


Have some fun with your next design. Do something creative, not for any particular reason, but just because. Designing a tee is a fun experience, and doing it with no strings attached can free you up creatively. Speaking of no strings attached, did you know we offer no minimum t-shirts? You can order just one for yourself and get it in two weeks shipped for free in the 48 contiguous states.

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