Welcome to WhoopTee Roundup, where your home for affordable custom shirts online dives into trending topics and finds you the hottest topics on the Twittervers. Well, that is the hottest apolitical topics. We’re sticking to the fun stuff here folks. Without further ado, let’s dive in to some #WednesdayWisdom.




What’s the old joke? That 90% of the internet is cute animal memes? Well, today Twitter is aiming for the 100% mark as the easiest of all hashtags to get behind is trending. Today is All American Pet Day and people all over are sharing photos of their four-legged friends. If you don’t have custom clothes for your doggie, you’re missing out on the cutest possible photo op for your buddy. We offer custom t-shirts and hoodies for dogs that are available in a range of colors and fully customizable in our designer tool. The hoodie even has a back pouch! That kind of cuteness overload is bout to get your some RT’s and followers. 




Chicago is celebrating the large Taste of Chicago food festival today. If you’re in Chicago, go enjoy some food and try something new! If you’re not, have you considered trying a food festival in your area? This is a great promotional avenue for local restaurants to show off their eats. It’s also a great idea for an organization or cause looking for a fundraiser. Making sure to give your festival and international flavor is a great way to bring people together and expose people to the food and traditions of other cultures. 


Whenever you hold a community event, make sure you have t-shirts for staff and/or volunteers. 




As today is July 11, 7/11 for the calendar challenged, 7 Eleven is taking the change to promote their iconic Slurpy brand. Why not? A date that matches your brand name? That’s a gift. It’s also a lesson to other businesses, big or small, to keep an eye out for chances to promote your business through similar means. Get creative, and use these opportunities to get all the eyeballs you can!

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