Welcome to WhoopTee Roundup, where we run down the most interesting topics in the world of screen printing. Its Friday, and you’re ready to go out and have some fun. Here are a few things to think about as you enjoy the end of your week. 


Eat what you want! 


Friday is a day to party, and enjoy yourself. The work week is over…live a little! In that spirit, today is national Eat What You Want Day. Now, we’re certainly not knocking good health and reasonable diet. However, just for today, cut loose and have whatever you want. Pizza? Check. Ice cream? Check. Burgers? Why not. Go out and have a day. You deserve it. 


Twilight Zone


While enjoying your Friday and eating what you want, be careful not to cross into another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and of sound but of mind. We are of course talking about…the Twilight Zone. Today is Twilight Zone day and it’s as good a time as any to remember the pioneering anthology show that scared us, entertained us, surprised us, and best of all, made us think. Hats off to Rod Serling, Richard Matheson, and the other greats who made this show one of the most beloved and influential of all time. 


Mother’s Day


FINAL WARNING: Mother’s Day is this Sunday. If you don’t have a present yet, you can’t say we didn’t give you a heads up. There’s still time though: simply design a custom t-shirt, print out the design, and give it to your mother along with the date the t-shirt will arrive. You can even share it on social media to show everyone how much you love your mom, or other mothers in your life. Just don’t forget a present…bad form friend, bad form.

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