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Attention: do you love avocados? Does your choice of workplace require standing desks, open, collaborative spaces and free food? Do you have an app for everything in your life and rot your brain with social media? If you’re a millennial, then the answer is yes. Well, the answer is given by Baby Boomers and Gen X-ers who don’t get those kids and their phones and what not. Lazy, entitled, unmotivated, and impatient…these are labels attached to the millennial generation by many detractors of other generations. Compassionate, entrepreneurial, and ambitious are more positive qualities ascribed to the millennials. 


It’s time to have some fun with those misconceptions. Share your favorite tongue-in-cheek signs you are a millennial with this fun hashtag. Don’t forget to check out this guide on t-shirts for millennial entrepreneurs.




Who doesn’t love fried chicken? Well, today is the day to celebrate that love. If your restaurant sells fried chicken, this is a golden chance to get some promotion on Twitter. Don’t waste this opportunities to get free publicity in an era where organic reach is harder and harder to come by and more and more valuable. 




People all over Twitter are using #OnTheHuntFor for some clever word play, some funny .gifs, and more. When you use this hashtag, be sure to mention @WhoopTee and tell Twitter that you’re hunting for affordable custom tees. If you have a design done, be sure to share it with the hashtag and show off your design! In case you don’t know how to share a design from our designer tool, check out this guide.

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