Welcome to WhoopTee Roundup, where we read and research hashtags so you don’t have to. We’re big on the convenience factor, what with our easy-to-use designer tool and our free shipping. In that spirit, we’ll save you a few clicks and a lot of sifting and distal the very essence of the Twitter conversation down for you into one article. 




Today is #NationalNewJerseyDay. This is the perfect opportunity to get some easy to customize brand spanking new jerseys for your baseball and softball teams. For example, check out the stylish Augusta V-Neck Jersey. It is available in 8 colors and features a 50/50 blend of cotton and polyester. These custom jerseys are available in orders of 6 or more and are fully customizable like the rest of our t-shirts, hoodies, jerseys, and pants. 


*Whispers in ear* Wait…National New Jersey Day is for the state New Jersey? It’s not for people who are buying new jerseys? Oh…well this is embarrassing. Well, people from New Jersey can also order new jerseys from WhoopTee and get them delivered for free in two weeks. They can also order custom tees that say how much they love their home state, or hometown in New Jersey. 


You know what? Why can’t today be National new…jersey Day? When you finish your jersey design, share it on Twitter and show everyone there is more than one kind of new jersey. 




Let’s hop in our way back machine and journey to the far off time of January 2016 for a throwback blog post about classic car shows. Cheap custom t-shirts make for affordable ways to promote your classic car business, or just have fun with your hobby. Check out the full article for a throwback read about throwback rides. 


If you want to have your own Flashback Friday but don’t have a classic car, no worries. You can design a tee about something that gives you a major nostalgia rush. Or, you can use classic fonts and color schemes to evoke a certain bygone time with your custom design.

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