Welcome to WhoopTee Roundup, where we dive into the aether and bring you the hot topics in the world. It’s Friday, and the Twitterverse is brimming with #FridayFeelings and plenty of talk of soccer and hockey. There’s one trend you can’t afford to miss though…




Yes, it’s Take Your Dog to Work Day. People all around are taking their four-legged best friend to work and enjoying a little quality time with the pooch at the office. It would be a great morale booster for more offices to hold regular dog days. For those occasions, we suggest making sure the dogs meet the office dress code. Your business should order custom pet clothes for your dogs so that they represent the company with the utmost pup-fessionalism. You can use the pet apparel as a branding opportunity, proudly displaying your logo. You can also sell them, if you have the kind of business where selling t-shirts would make sense, like retail. You can give them as gifts to clients too. There are so many dog lovers in the world someone is bound to appreciate it. 


Onion Ring, Anyone?


Speaking of branding opportunities, it’s Onion Ring Day! These little silly holidays always get the social media world talking, and it’s important to seize on these opportunities if you have a restaurant. Take today as an opportunity to promote your comfort foods. Share a photo of your onion rings and hop on the hashtag. Or better yet, give away a branded t-shirt to one lucky follower. T-shirt giveaways are an affordable way to get organic reach with excellent ROI. 


Typewriter Day


Tomorrow (Saturday), is Typewriter Day. Take this as inspiration for your next design. The classic typewriter font is a great throwback option to keep in your back pocket for a unique t-shirt. We would suggest a color pallet based around tan or brown. It’s rustic, and a good base of nostalgic feelings for a throwback t-shirt.

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