Welcome to WhoopTee Round, where we scan the social media scene and bring you some of the conversations going on with 0% negativity and 0% heavy topics. Here are some fun hashtags floating around this weekend. If you’re wondering why the Oscar aren’t mentioned, keep an eye out for their own article coming in the next few days. 




Saturday was Twin Peaks Day. February 24 was the first day that Special Agent Dale Cooper crossed into the titular mountain town to try to solve the murder of high school student Laura Palmer. What Cooper finds is more mysteries wrapped in enigmas that live inside of dreams. 


Twin Peaks comes from filmmaker David Lynch and is a wildly popular classic series that blends surrealism, mystery, soap opera melodrama, and horror in one of the most bizarre TV experiences ever. It also lead to some awesome t-shirt designs. Have a cup of coffee and a slice of pie and beware the Black Lodge! 




Friday was Fossil Friday, and we’re seeing Tweets from all over with lots of ancient critters, from shrimp to ancestors of whales, to Siberian cave lions, to mammoths and the mighty T-Rex. Never let the silliness of recent Jurassic World movies let you forget just how interesting the world of archeology can be. 


Nothing quite catches the imagination of young people quite like dinosaurs, except maybe space. Even at that, kids can see photos and videos of space, and they can imagine what’s out there, but they can’t really see it. Space lacks that tangible aspect that kids latch onto. With fossils, they can see them live and in person in museums around the world. 




Friday also was a day that’s not dedicated to education, but rater, a good time. Friday was International Margarita Day. Who doesn't love a margarita? Well, maybe not your head after enjoying an extended Margarita Day. Days like this are perfect opportunities for bars and restaurants to promote their margaritas through specials, and on social media. Remember, custom t-shirts make for great social media giveaways.

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