Welcome to WhoopTee RoundUp, where we run down some of the big topics in the world of custom t-shirts. It’s the end of another hard week, so kick back and relax with some tidbits of interest. 


Finally, a little spring! 


Yesterday was utterly gorgeous. Finally, we may be seeing spring. We know we said something similar a while back, but can you blame us for being optimistic? Will the warmth stay for long? Who knows, but you need start planning your wardrobe for when it does. Check out our tank tops and other summer apparel and get designing! 


It’s Friday the 13th


We wish you good luck today, because you’re going to need it. After all it’s, Friday the 13th, the unluckiest day of all. Stay away from ladders, avoid black cats and mirrors, and if you hear whispers in the distance near a lake, for crying out loud, run fast! 


We don’t really believe in luck. Good things happen, bad things happen, and while random chance does come into play, you can take luck into your own hands through hard work and putting yourself in positions to succeed. This includes making smart decisions like not overpaying for custom apparel. Our t-shirts, hoodies, pants, and more all are shipped for free and include no surprise fees or expenses. 


How you can help pets in your area 


We recently added a new guide on how you can help pets in your area. This includes helping them with your wallet, your time, and/or your home. We highly encourage anyone who loves animals to consider adoption and to support your local rescue organizations. In our guide, we run through some these ways to help and some other items to consider, like ordering custom pet t-shirts for your pets or for shelter animals. 


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