Christmas is a time for storytelling . . . and we’d like our Whooptee family to hear our story.  There’s no virgin involved, or even a bright star and three wise men.  We’re not saying that our fearless leader is close to the Messiah, but we do think he knows a thing or two about life . . . in terms of custom t-shirts that is.

It all began over  two years ago . . . . Our founder, “Chris” was making shirts for friends and family.  He liked it so much, he began to take orders.  As he worked day after day on shirts and designs as different as night and day, he began to notice the personality each logo, phrase or font had in it. He began to see when that design came together, how much it reminded him of the owner.  Then it dawned on him  . . . Why not provide people with great apparel, the tools design and let them make their own custom apparel?

And that’s when it happened – was conceived.

He continued his unique idea and business practices with making the process as easy as possible for his customers.  If they wanted to make one shirt – they could get one.  If they wanted a quote instantly – they could get one.  If they wanted to send their design to friends and family – they could.  If they wanted to separate payment and vary sizes and styles – they could.  

No one in the business was conducting such revolutionary business practices, but that’s what excited “Chris.”  He wanted to share his leadership with his customers and let them make the decisions with the click of a mouse.

Soon he became more popular and had to hire a “disciple” or “best woman” if you will . . . and along came Jen.  She continues to work tirelessly with customers and employees, answering questions, guiding their design choices and offering promotional campaigns and discounts that makes everyone happy!

And that’s how our story began  . . . Where will it end?  No one knows but it’s we’re not going anywhere soon!

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