Is today Best Friends Day?  Is it National Hug-Your-Favorite-Cousin Day?  Is there a card for

Sometimes you don’t need a special occasion to tell someone you love them . . . it’s a feeling, it’s an attitude . . . . it’s a gift.


Relationships of all kind have been hyper-commercialized in our "in-your-face" society of advertisements, celebration and documentation.   We now have an awards season in Hollywood, where privileged celebrities get together and hand each other trophies.  Month long celebrations and television appearances follow national league champions; "I'm going to Disney World!" remains the echoing sentiment of all MVPs.  Then there's the ongoing color chart of achievements marking each minute of behavior in pre-schools and grade schools nationwide.  Get together, take a selfie, and SNAP . . . instantly memorialized on Facebook as Best Friends Forever.


This week, was delighted to receive a photo telling a different type of story.  In a photo submission from Kaelyn Reid, her picture shows she and her friends, lined up side by side, wearing the Gildan Heavy Blend Hooded Sweatshirt with numbers and nicknames.   All show the same number “08”, no better or worse, with each custom hoodie screen printed with a specific name.   She stated that the hoodies were made "just because."   Her submission reads:


"The merchandise we bought from Whooptee was for my group of friends. It wasn't for a

special occasion but as a symbol of friendship and unity. I'm happy to share these photos with you!"


No company, no ad, no commercial told them it was important to celebrate each other, they just knew.  It goes to show, you don't need a special occasion to make a great custom shirt.  At, we strive to have a variety of products, at every price point, coupled with unique designer tools, that expresses sentiments for all occasions.


Once you design, order and receive your custom apparel - take a picture! Tell us why you chose to design shirts online from, submit your photo and enter to win $200 towards your next order of group t-shirts!  


So celebrate life, friends and family!  As you can see this "team" of friends, has each other's back!


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