If you’re looking for a Christmas presents (and you really should be, it’s just 19 days until Christmas and you don’t want disappointed relatives), you should look no further than a custom t-shirt Christmas gift from WhoopTee. Not only are WhoopTees affordable, our custom t-shirts can be made to fit any person on an individual level. 


Unlike other custom t-shirt printers, we allow you to order a single t-shirt from our no minimum selections. This way you can create a shirt for one specific person and have it printed without having to buy multiple shirts. If you’re buying for one person, that’s great! 


…what if you want to cross a few other names off your list?


You can certainly design individual shirts for everyone on your list, and that would be a very personal, very unique gift that’s personalized and intimate. What if you want to hit everyone at once, and bring people together? 


If you’re ordering in orders of 6 or more, you open up a lot of fantastic options. For example, you can outfit all the fur babies in your life. This time of year, hoodies are a great gift that can be worn fall to spring and everywhere in-between, indoor and outdoor.


Why not create a custom hoodie for your family and order each member one? You will cross everyone off your list at once, and bring your whole family together with a fun winter shirt. This will also drive the price per shirt down by ordering in bulk. 


Now the big question: what to put on your shirt? You could do something simple like your family’s name. If you have a coat of arms, you can upload that to our design tool. You could create shirts that are just for Christmas. Or, you could make your shirts look like sports hoodies and put the names of all your family members on the back like sports jerseys, with or without numbers. 


It’s easy to add options like numbers and names to the back of our custom apparel. Plus, you can enter in those variables to our free quote tool and find out exactly how much your order will cost together and per shirt before you do anything, with no surprises. We don’t even charge for shipping! Our custom apparel orders ship for free in two weeks. There’s still time to get your shirts in time for Christmas. Just check the upper right-hand corner of your screen to see when your shirts will arrive. 


You can etch a person or two off your Christmas list with custom tees, or take care of all of your shipping in one smooth motion, shipped for free. With WhoopTee, the power is in your hands.

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