Finals are all completed for college students. They are coming home for Christmas break. It’s the time to celebrate and take a breather before next semester. 


Or are you? 


You may actually be graduating. Not a lot of people think of the students who took a semester off and took time to decide what field they wanted to go into before starting in the fall semester. That is the nice thing about college after all; you have different programs starting at different times. You could be going to a school with accelerated degree programs, or chose to go back to school starting in a spring semester. Then, of course, we have the overachievers who graduate early through hard work and taking extra classes every semester. 


You need to design graduation tees for all the hard work your program put you through and all you gave to bettering yourself. It is a time for some graduations and some continuations. This doesn't mea your education is at an end, either. You could pursue a higher degree, depending on what you just complete. Even someone who holds a PHD could pursue another PHD. You can create a Grad school send off t-shirt for your future or for the grad student in your life. 


Don’t shell out cash for the same school shirts everyone else buys form the campus book store. Celebrate your accomplishment or that of a friend or loved one through a one-of-a-kind design you can create with our designer tool. 


You don’t have to graduate to get in on the custom tee action. You survived finals, friend. Live a little and brag about it. If you passed with all “A’s”, by all means show off. Or better yet, wear a shirt that says you are here to party. Or, create custom t-shirts for you and your friends for your post-finals parties. You’ve been through enough stress – decompress with design fun.

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