October 10 was World Mental Health Day, and unlike so many of the fun holidays we cover on our blog, this is a very serious holiday that should be given the utmost attention. Mental health is a serious issue and there are millions of people dealing with it in one form or another each and every day. 


On of the hardest parts of dealing with mental illness is the stigma those dealing with mental disorders face in society. There are many people out there who don't understand mental illness, and as a result are fearful, or worse, cruel or dismissive towards those with mental health problems. This in turn leads many with problems to deal with them on their own instead of seeking help from professionals and seeking support from family and friends. 


This is unacceptable. 


We as a society need to shed the stigma and create a culture where we can talk openly and honestly about metal illness. We need to be more understanding, more supportive, and less judgmental as a society. We must work to end the stigma, and offer our love, our support, and our help. 


If you’re looking for a project for your next custom t-shirt, choose this worthy cause. Create a custom tee that raises awareness for mental health. You can create a single t-shirt for your own personal fight against stigmatization, or you can create more t-shirts for your friends, family, or your class. Our designer tool lets you create a custom tee from the ground up and get it exactly how you want it. Remember, if you order in bulk, the cost per shirt goes down. Plus, WhoopTee t-shirt orders come with free shipping. 


Every day is a fight for people with mental illness. It’s time the rest of us gave them some backup! 


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