It still amazes me that a movie based on the certifiably insane antics of teenage girls managed to appeal to the masses, reaching far beyond its set target audience. Probably because of quotable bites like this one conjured up by the master of the universe, Tina Fey, the Mean Girls hilariousness was bound to wind up adding some swag to a white tee. This scene in particular brought the film a cult following of dutiful quoters in addition to the slews of young ladies thankful to Fey for shedding light on the lunacy that inevitably accompanies life as a teenage girl. Not to say that boys don’t struggle with identity issues, friends, finding a rightful place within the social pecking order in school, etc…but I have yet to hear about a boy who looked at some dude’s girlfriend the wrong way and came to school the next day to find everyone staring at him funny, no one to sit with at lunch, and a rumor going around that he made out with half of the cheerleading squad under the bleachers. More likely, hypothetical best friends duke it out in the parking lot and grab a burger at McDonalds together an hour later, which makes absolutely no sense in girl world–ladies just don’t work that way. Girl world works a little like this: Girl makes an awkward comment about another girl’s tight jeans and resultant case of severe muffin top syndrome (MTS), girl goes home, girl comes to school the next day to find that her life has been systematically destroyed behind her back. This is no easy feat to perform on a day’s notice–we work fast. The wrought emotions of high school certainly make for the perfect comedic world, and tons of classic quotes for tees and other paraphernalia. So you go, Glen Coco. You and your 42,182 Facebook Likes. Not kidding: Photo via
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