Mother’s Day is on May 14th the year. If that snuck up on you, don’t worry. You are not alone: it crept up on us also. This year has flown by! Well…don’t they all? Anyway, if you have not picked up a present for your mother, or the mother of your children, yet, it is high time you get that taken care of. We would like to suggest that you choose a custom t-shirt. We know, shockingly, is suggesting you give a custom t-shirt as a gift. Here us out. This could be the most memorable gift you’ve ever given. 


Remember when you were a kid, and you would give your mom a lanyard or an ashtray? It was lopsided, with paint randomly slapped on it. Your mother didn’t even smoke. Still, she loved that ashtray, or so she said, because you made it. Why not take that principal, a special gift from her special child, and give her something of higher quality than that ashtray that is also functional while still keeping that air of sentiment. 


You can design a custom t-shirt online for your mother with our designer tool. You have access to plenty of different t-shirt options, colors, and fonts. You have clip art at your disposal, or even better, you can upload your own image. Why not upload that ashtray you made all those years ago? She will love it. 


What if you are buying for your wife? For starters, may we refer you to our guides on apparel for partners. When designing your t-shirt, consider using an in-joke you share with your partner. Or you could just go with a nice message of appreciation for all the hard work she does and for being the love of your life and mother of your children. T-shirts are a great way to show appreciation for your special someone. The choice is yours. Either way, your order will be shipped for free in two weeks.

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