According to, the 2014 World Cup is estimated to bring $4 billion to FIFA (Federation of International Football Association.) The bulk of the revenue stems from television rights ($1.7 billion), and marketing rights ($1.35 billion) from corporate sponsors like Sony, Coca-Cola and Adidas. FIFA touts Adidas for “Building on its success around major sporting events, the brand strives to increase its leadership position in Football by continuously creating the industry’s top products and fully leveraging its outstanding portfolio of sports marketing partners. For over 60 years, Adidas has led all major developments in boot, ball and apparel technologies. This dedication to the sport and its close relationships with athletes and teams enabled Adidas to become an integral part of the history, the present and the future of football.” 
We couldn’t agree more. With soccer – I mean football- being the most popular sport worldwide; Adidas continues to find outlets for its high-quality apparel and equipment. While half the country is chanting “I believe,” USA soccer jerseys are selling out. For Football (or Soccer, sorry I couldn’t help myself) fans seeking swag, the options are endless. So if you have an extra couple hundred bucks to spend go online and get an Official World Cup soccer ball ($160), a jersey ($90), scarf ($20) and wristband ($5).
For more frugal fans looking to get in on the action, design your own custom t-shirt.  Check out our moisture-wicking Adidas Climalite short sleeve shirt . Same quality, same brand, your custom design – but without the sticker shock. So rather than painting your face red, white and blue, take that same inspiration to create your custom apparel. Go to the playing field (The Designer Tool), harness all your creative energy, elude the defenders (Knock-Off brands), dribble past all the obstacles (prices, shipping, fit) and score! GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!
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