We love our hometown. And our hometown loves a good deal. With WhoopTee you get both. You get a St. Louis based company that provides affordable custom t shirts online.

Beat the Heat - Stay Inside and Design a Custom Shirt

It’s really, really hot outside. We at WhoopTee are melting in the St. Louis area right now, with sweltering temps in the upper 90’s. If you’re in the sun, it’s even worse. Things aren’t looking much cooler for next week, with sweltering heat again on the horizon. If you love the heat, great.

St. Louis Needs You, Show Your Pride with a Custom Tee

The Blues are the cusp of glory. The Cardinals are on the fence. The Rams are on the west coast (ouch). St. Louisan, your city needs you. Our teams need support, as alway, but more than that the city itself needs all the good vibes it can get. It’s time to stand up and say I love my city. 

Discover Whooptee.com Over Winter Break

There’s nothing like winter break, whether you’re a kid, home from college or a work adult taking the last few days of the year’s vacation.  Our most sloth-like habits come to rest - mostly on the couch - when bad weather arises and good food is at our fingertips.

Memory-Making T-Shirts Live Forever

My favorite t-shirt would have to be my cousin Kyle’s Jeep Run shirt.  It’s bright yellow - like the Jeep he once owned - with a Jeep logo followed by Kyle’s Annual Jeep Run screen printed underneath.

Whooptee Declares Kanye a Genius

Oh Kanye . . . . how we love to hate thee. You only have yourself to blame.


Happy 2013 From Your Favorite Custom Tshirt Company!

Didn’t you think there would be flying cars and fully functional human colonies on the Moon by now? And to think, just a couple of weeks ago, we were all freaking out about whether or not the world would be ending soon. What a bunch of weirdos we are! No joke. But at WhoopTee, we’ve gotta say it: we’re glad we’re still kicking.