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Forget the Oscars, Have Your Own Awards Night

Sunday was the Academy Awards. In the midst of all talk of award winners, snubs, new categories and more, many people watched the Academy Awards. Or, they at least checked on Twitter to see who won. Some people are mad at the winners, mad at the snubs, or annoyed with the acceptance speeches.

Whooptee Has Group Shirts in Graphic Designs for Gamers

"The European Dota 2 powerhouse known as Team Secret lifting the trophy after one of their recent victories at the MarsTV Dota League in Shanghai, China."

Custom Apparel for Bastille - the Band or the Holiday!

Today is the final day to design and order your

Cozy Custom T Shirts for a Sick Day

Friends, I hope this doesn't apply to you, but it seems like it's the time of the year when EVERYONE is getting sick faster than you can design a custom t shirt. Seriously, mundane tasks like going to grocery store turn into something like a zombie apocalypse-- you're always trying to avoid getting too close to strangers, while constantly wondering who's next.

I hope none of you get sick, but if you do ... don't be afraid to pamper yourself a little bit! In the words of one of my favorite Parks and Recreation moments ever:

Design Custom T-Shirts for Camping

But the best part about summer camp was the group t-shirt we got every year.  As an adult I still have those shirts, not to wear them…but as keepsakes.

I found a box not too long ago with childhood clothes that I wanted to pass onto my new niece and nephew. And lo and behold, I found old custom t-shirts with a list of names printed on the back. The t-shirt design was so tacky!