With WhoopTee Customers can print their own custom t shirts featuring their names on the front. We like to call this the be you t shirt.

Causal Friday Just Got Fun with Whooptee T's

Has the weekend left you feeling that you need more? That there’s more to life than clocking in and clocking out every day?  That two weeks vacation a year is a ratio that’s unfair to each of our limited lives?

I like pizza

Some people like pizza more than others. They could eat it every day. A friend of mine has eaten pizza almost every day for the past ten years. For someone like this, a fun gift would be a t-shirt that declares how much they like pizza.


pizza shirt

My name is:

Jorie taught us all that wearing your face on your t-shirt is not considered to be a good fashion trend. Is it good if you wear your name on your shirt? We’ve all read stories about people who always wear nametags. Their reasons vary, perhaps one reason is that it is believed to make the world a friendlier place.


I am taking that one step further to suggest that rather than wearing a nametag, just wear a shirt with your name on it. In my case, I am wearing a shirt with the pictorial representation of my name. What do you think? Is this a fashion hit or miss?


Designs for all your family activities

This custom t-shirt celebrates the activities and accomplishments of a proud mom’s son and daughter. Looking at it, ballet and basketball require some similar movements.


The mom wearing this shirt is prepared to move from one activity to the next without having to change clothes or attend one child’s event wearing a shirt that supports the other child. Busy moms need custom t-shirts to keep up with the hectic schedules of their children.

Avid readers unite

Several of my friends love to read as much as I love to read. We are constantly getting together and talking about books that we have recently read. We share books through social media groups for readers, but we always want more in-person time to discuss the books. This year, I may make a t-shirt with my favorite reads of 2012. This way, when my reader friends and I get together, I will not be caught off guard with questions about my favorite books. Plus, I will always have my 2012 literature list readily available.


If you have ever spent hours typing something and forgot to hit save when the computer crashed or electricity went out, you have felt the frustration of living in the computer age. This experience grants a great learning opportunity to save work on the computer many times throughout the work process. However, you want to be able to save other people from this devastating fate. Help them by wearing a t-shirt that says “CTRL+S”.CTRL + S

Open-source users

Open-source software is getting more attention these days as even the long-time brands have begun to embrace the technology. In spite of this, open-source users are still in the minority user group. If you or someone you know thinks that it is the best choice, create a custom t-shirt that only other users will understand.

Penguin rules t-shirt

Quick test: Do you understand this shirt?