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What is a Team without a Mascot?

Today is #NationalMascotDay, and all over the Twitterverse teams are recognizing their mascots, the unsung heroes. Fans are also expressing their love for their all time favorite mascots. Especially as a kid, a mascot is a big part of fandom. How many young Cardinals fans have warm, fuzzy memories of Fredbird that carry with them into adulthood?

Blackburn College

Blackburn College in Carlinville Illinois is celebrating its 175th anniversary this year, 2012.  It has reason to celebrate, too: Blackburn is the least expensive private 4 year residential institution in the state of Illinois.  But more than that, thanks to Blackburn’s unique student managed work program, it is the only college campus in the United States to have been largely built by its students.  That is truly amazing.  Even today, Blackburn students are required to work 10-15 hours per week in jobs ranging from plumber to graphic designer.  Blackburn offers a great liberal arts educati