WhoopTee has a large clip art library for custom t shirt design. We offer creative ideas for events and organizations such as book clubs.

How Much Do You Love Books?

It’s a simple question – how much do you love books? Are you an avid reader? A reader who wishes you had time to do it more?

Book Club, Film Club, Cheap Custom T-Shirt Club

We don’t know about you, but we love Christmas movies and books. Christmas movies, books, and music are seasonal, obviously, which actually adds to the love factor. They’re only appropriate one time out of the entire year! It’s hard to get in the mood for Rudolph in April.  

Libraries, Book Clubs, and the Kids

There is a very good reason that reading is considered a core subject for youngsters. Arguably, even more so than math or science, reading is a vital part of everyday life. A love of books in a young person is a beautiful thing. A love of reading opens worlds to the young imagination.

Back to School Tips from Whooptee.com

Take out your pencils and paper . . . it’s time for a pop quiz.  Okay, so it’s still barely summer, but in a couple weeks, it’s back to school.  Time to reinvent your image after a long summer of working out, getting a new group of friends from work and a new set of wheels.

Book Club Custom T-Shirts

Part of a fun spring or summer book club? Looking for something to unify your group and make you closer? What’s better than designing your own custom t-shirts! Every group has it’s own inside joke. For some groups it’s a favorite book title or a famous line. Whatever it is, be sure to let everyone know what it is.