Everyone loves a good custom t shirt. People like to relate their custom t shirts to celebrity quotes and styles.

Can't-Miss Celebrity Custom T Shirts

Friends, I take my responsibility to bring you the news from all corners of custom t shirt land very seriously-- and now I may have found the most remote hamlet yet. And its name is Realface Glamouflage, TM. Yep, that's right. And I am now introducing their slogan-- apparently "glamouflage" is a combination of "camouflage" and "glamour", which I assume is a state of mind-- into every possible real-world situation I can. Example?

Dear Male Species...Love Jenna



Stay Classy, St. Louis

For all of you fashion fiends, it might tickle your fancy to be informed that Blake Lively has been selected as the face of Gucci fragrance. The resultant photos like the one you see above (you’re welcome) are classically beautiful and artful, without a doubt.

Fail: Wear Your Face

You Go, Glen Coco

A Dazzling Concept