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WhoopTee specializes in creating and designing cheap custom t shirts for customers all over the country.

Rock Paper Scissors Custom T-Shirt Madness

Maybe I have a bit more lunatic in me than I think, but I feel like a good upstanding game of Rock, Paper, Scissors is not an entirely inappropriate way to make decisions. Apparently, I’m not the only one. Check out this 2006 article from The Seattle Times, in which an agitated judge ordered two opposing lawyers to settle an argument with this classic favorite, a “child’s game” as they call it.

Black Friday Custom T-Shirt

Does the name “Black Friday” terrify anyone else? Why the heck is it called that? I used to think it had to do with people killing each other in the name of that last My Size Barbie or sale-priced pair of fur boots. I don’t even know why, that doesn’t really make any sense. But with an ironic custom t-shirt like this one, you can be sure that no one will kill you, unless they misinterpret your wry, witty sense of humor as an homage to Rebecca Black. In that case, you’re screwed. Sorry.

Custom T-shirts for your UFC 154 party!

The upcoming bout between two welterweight champions Georges St. Pierre and Carlos Condit is one of the most anticipated UFC battles in a long time.  Georges St. Pierre has been called the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world, but he’s been out for 18 months recovering from knee surgery.  Condit is the interim welterweight champion but his UFC experience is more limited than St.

Presidential Election T-shirts

I’m writing this as I watch the 2012 presidential election results coming in; but you are likely reading this someday after the election has been decided.  It kind of makes me feel like you are watching a dvr’d version of a live broadcast of me, you know, doing something cool.  It reminds of the first time I saw a movie about time travel (pick one: Back to the Future, Primer, the whole Terminator franchise), my mind was blown: what if that person from the future who came back to the past inadvertently killed their own dad (or maybe they did something less violent, like opting to stop at a y

What Would You Put On Your Custom-Designed WhoopTee?

Thanks to some of our blogger friends, we’ve been privileged with the opportunity to give away some exciting, free merchandise to you guys. This monstrously exciting new invention called the internet lets us do so with particular ease, and you all get to receive the perks. Be it bloggers giving away free stuff, t-shirt design contest, or random drawings online, we’re always looking for ways to reward you guys for being the best fans and followers ever!

Cheap tees for Aurora College Sleep Out on the Quad

On Friday, October 26th, students at Aurora college will sleep outside on their Quad to get a sense of what it’s like to be homeless.  Some students, according to Aurora’s website, will sleep in tents (that seems...unfair), cardboard boxes (that’s more like it), or just right there on the ground, under the stars.