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Everyone loves a good bargain. WhoopTee offers competetive pricing and has some of the cheapest custom tees on-line.

Design T Shirts for a Competitive Afternoon

Here at WhoopTee we are of the firm opinion that the best way to keep your friends happy is ostentation-- and custom t shirts. Luckily, we’ve found a perfect way to blend the two. Rather than spend your well-deserved free time doing something tame like brunch… round everyone up and play a friendly round of human board games! Because competitors make the best friends.

Design Your Own T Shirt And Create Your Own Sport!

We can’t all be winners, but we can try. And if we still can’t make the cut, we can make something up to win. And then design t shirts to celebrate ourselves! In honor of the off-the-beaten path champions among us, today I bring you a few of the more unusual sports in which people have made their mark.

1. Finger jousting

Dancing with Custom T-shirts

I’ve just rediscovered how much I love to dance salsa. With music blaring, I don’t even realize how much I’m sweating or how much my feet hurt, dancing in heels!  During a choreography class I realize it’s always the same group of us dancing together. Why not make group custom t-shirts for all of us? How great would it be to have a few at hand to wear during practice?

I went onto the Whooptee site to see if there is anything that is dancer friendly (i.e. sleeveless, breathable, and fashionable!) Sure enough I found plenty of options.

Thanksgiving Eve

Although no other holiday appears to get the excitement of have another holiday directly preceding it, perhaps it’s time to give Thanksgiving its Eve where Eve is due! Thankfully, custom t-shirts are capable of commemorating this often forgotten, unofficial holiday- but the cool thing about having a designer tool that lets you put literally whatever you want on a shirt is that you can do just that: make up holidays and then commemorate them with custom gear that nobody else really understands, besides you and your super fly posse.

Custom t-shirts for beating the winter time chills

I like the cold weather, largely because I like to bundle up and beat the elements--kind of a man vs.