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Franz Park Neighborhood, St. Louis

Making up part of what is popularly called Dogtown, Franz Park has a lot to offer folks looking to live in residential urban setting in St. Louis.  It was at one time a sort of clay mining village and attracted immigrants from Ireland, Germany, Poland and Italy.  These immigrants and these mines are the source for the ubiquitous red brick architecture so at home in St.

Fountain Park Neighborhood

Fountain Park neighborhood in St. Louis is adjacent to one of the most thriving neighborhoods in St. Louis, The Central West End.  Fountain Park is another great example of a neighborhood with potential due to its architecture and history.  Fountain Park is home to a beautiful building that regularly makes St. Louisans’ top ten list of buildings to be renovated.  It is also home to a number of beautifully designed and maintained church buildings, one of which was designed by Union Station architect Theodore Link, and textbook examples of St.

Fairground Park Neighborhood

Fairground Park, we’re here to help!  Fairground Park is a neighborhood in St. Louis that isn’t faring too well; it has largely been abandoned by city services, and the infrastructure has been crumbling for a long time.  But there are still some beautiful buildings including homes, churches, and schools, and the once great park could be great again.  In fact, there is a group of concerned citizens who have taken the initiative to plant flowers, maintain the park, and report problems to the authorities.  Concerned citizens of Fairground Park neighborhood, we salute you! 

Dutchtown Neighborhood

We’ve come to WhoopTee’s stomping grounds, the Dutchtown Neighborhood of St. Louis.  We love this place, and are proud to call it home.  Dutch has one of the largest populations of all of the St. Louis neighborhoods, and really is a great mix of residential and commercial sites.  Mixed in with all the houses are great bars, neighborhood grocers, and specialty shops of all sorts.  Dutchtown also has what is likely the widest variety of great St. Louis residential brick architecture to be found; come take a tour and see for yourself!  Be sure to stop in and tell us hello!

Downtown Neighborhood

Yep, that’s what it’s called: Downtown Neighborhood.  And there probably isn’t a more functional name for a neighborhood than one that clearly tells you not only what the neighborhood is called but exactly where it is; it’s Downtown.  Downtown Neighborhood is a tourist hotspot, featuring that monument of monuments the Gateway Arch, Busch Stadium, and Nellie’s recording school “Extreme Institute”.  But the last decade has been great for Downtown residents as well.  It has seen a tripling of the residential figures, which means there are more and more people with real ownership in this neighb

The Covenant Blu/Grand Center Neighborhood

Where do I even begin?  The CBGC Neighborhood has seen extensive renovation over the past few years that only serves to bolster it’s currently existing attractions.  It’s been called by one St. Louis blogger “the arts center of the entire region” and “one of the most photogenic spots in town.”  CBGC is home to the Fabulous Fox Theatre, Powell Symphony Hall, The Moto Museum, numerous church building each with its own architectural beauty.  If you can’t find something worth celebrating in CBGC, your eyes are closed! 

Columbus Square Neighborhood

It could be very easy, amid all the boring 1980’s apartment complex architecture, to write off Columbus Square Neighborhood as uninteresting and uninspiring.  But not so fast!  It has a few things going for it.  For example, it has some of the best views of downtown that can be found outside of downtown.  Imagine sitting on a rooftop patio, looking down the lane and seeing the Arch off in the distance.  Beautiful.  Columbus Square also has potential, a lot of needing-to-be-actualized potential.  There are a number of gorgeous and storied brick warehouses that would make great loft apartment

Clifton Heights Neighborhood, St Louis MO

Clifton Heights boasts something that many neighborhoods in St. Louis cannot: a lake! 

Cheltenham Neighborhood, St Louis MO

Every neighborhood has something that sets it apart, something that makes it unique and special.  For Cheltenham, I think that thing is memories.

Carr Square Neighborhood, St Louis MO

Carr Square Neighborhood can probably be summed up in two words: history and potential.  Carr Square is home to what was the infamous Pruitt Igoe housing project, torn down in the mid 1970’s.  But its dim history is outshined by its future potential “Carr Square reflects a more enlightened vision of a mixed income working class community” says the Downtown St. Louis website.  Part of the Northside Regeneration plan, Carr Square promises to realize its potential and be a vibrant part of all the St. Louis neighborhoods.