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Whoa.......whoa. Tees like this that have the ability to re-imagine how we interpret the world, stretch our minds, and push our understanding of traditional objects are by definition, pretty rad.

Hipster Lincoln Tee

You get to poke fun at hipsters spending twice as much as you on local meats, bust out a bit of the Gettysburg address, and chill with your homeboy Lincoln in a pair of black-rimmed hipster glasses that are probably clear plastic anyway.

Some Serious Noms

Vacuum Yo'Self

You’ve always wanted to create the illusion that you’re being inhaled by a household appliance too? Yahtzee! Join the club, we can both check that off our bucket lists.

Bizarre Blinds Tee

Ever thought to yourself, “Gee, I wish I had a t-shirt that raises and lowers like blinds. Like, blinds...but a t-shirt. Eureka, that’s it!”
What now, friends?

Old School Gameboy Tee


Catpocalypse Tee