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Where is the Next Ben Franklin?

Today is Ben Franklin Day, and it’s a good time to celebrate one of the most important figures in US history. Franklin was the ideal Renaissance man: he was a scientist, a philosopher, an inventor, and an important political thinker who contributed to not just the US, but to western-style democratic republics.

Reflecting on the 100th Anniversary of WWI

On November 11, 1918 what was at the time the most destructive conflict in human history came to a close at 11:00 am. An armistice was signed between Germany and the Western Allies that ended the war. Sadly, though the armistice was agreed upon, it did not go into effect until 11am and shooting continued.

Custom T-Shirts That Are Out of This World

Today is First Contact Day. For those of you out there who aren’t space nerds, this may not mean anything to you. The first contact here would be the first contact between humans and an alien race. The term is most commonly connected to Star Trek, the flag ship of space nerds.

WhoopTee Roundup: April Fools, Spring, Bunsen Burners

Welcome to WhoopTee Roundup, where we look at lots of topics in the custom t-shirt world and life itself. Here are a few items to chew over on the last day of March. 

Neville Longbottom Got HOT, Spelled H-O-T-T

Even the New York Times is asking: where were you when you realized Neville Longbottom got hot? From wizard robes and broomsticks to t shirts and jeans, we've all been privileged to witness basically the greatest transformation of all time. Type “Neville Longbottom” into Google and your autofill will come up with a million and one versions of “Neville Longbottom hot,” “Neville Longbottom got hot,” “Neville Longbottom then and now …” the list goes on. And then you’ll come across a gem like this: 

Coolest Custom T-shirt DIY Ever

As one who prides herself on how much she has scoured the internet looking for amazing ways to re-purpose custom t-shirts, I have to say, I am pretty blown away by this tutorial. It’s a quick, easy way to jazz up an old pair of flip-flops using a t-shirt. Very cool.

You start with this:

And wind up with this: 

Custom T-Shirts For Group Outings

So your favorite nephew is begging you to take him and his 20 closest friends to Six Flags next weekend.  Your first thought is to start coughing erratically, tell him you are sick, grab your keys and run for the door.  But, he looks so pathetic and proceeds to flatter you by telling you how cool you are and how uncool his parents are these days.  You have a flashback to 14 and give in after one last persuasive “PUH-LEEEEASE”.