You can create a custom t shirt for the same price or less than you can buy one at the store. With WhoopTee, there are no limitations on what you can create. Maybe you see a shirt at the store that is just okay. Do not settle for mediocre. Get the best bang for your buck and design your own t shirt that you will love.

Custom T-Shirt DIY Project!

Hey t-shirt fans! Ever wonder what to do with the old t-shirts you have lying around, instead of just giving them away? Here is a fun, cute way to upcycle them! Have a look at this super-cute t-shirt DIY project that you can do quickly and easily with any extra t-shirt you have that’s just sitting in your closet, collecting dust bunnies. This is from one of our favorite fashion/beauty bloggers, Love Maegan. It’s the perfect DIY project for the summer! See how you can take a tee from this…

Navigating April Fools With Your Custom T-Shirt Friends

So if you’re anything like us, you love a good prank…our favorites? This one from Google is pretty awesome. We have to admit, even while clad in custom t-shirt awesomeness, we totally fell for it. According to the technology gurus over at Google, who are currently responsible for a smattering of gullible goons smelling their screens all over the world, there is a technology that enables users to select an item to smell, and the desired scent will emanate right out of the user’s screen.

WhoopTee Designer: Freedom for All

At WhoopTee, we’re all about empowering you with the tools to tell your story in a beautiful, effective way, however that is achieved…although, we may consider ourselves a little bit biased. With our designer tool, anything is possible! It puts the power in your hands, and the freedom to create anything you want on a custom t-shirt.

Custom T-Shirt Clipart Tutorial


Hmm. What riveting t-shirt knowledge bombs should I drop on you today? Thinking…thinking…it’s coming to me, I can feel it…ah ha! I’ve got it! Clipart! Listen up, t-shirt friends: this is very important. One of the pitfalls of custom t-shirt design is loading up too many things, bogging down your design . I know we’ve been through this before, but it never hurts to take a refresher course on shirt designing.

The Designer in Action: Youth Group Custom T-Shirt

So, although you might think the designer tool is difficult to navigate, foreign buttons and all, I can promise you that it is not! Truthfully, it is quite easy. Even I can figure it out without asking our web developers a thousand questions…magical! So, to prove this to you, I’ve started with one of the template on the website, and within minutes I had a really gorgeous shirt perfect for a youth trip event. Have a look here and see for yourself. I began on our homepage, where I selected a super snazzy template from the template library: 

St. Patrick's Day Custom T-shirt

Get ready for St. Patrick’s Day early and design your own custom tshirt for your friends and family to wear on the special day of eating delicious food, drinking, and letting loose! With parades, parties, food and drink specials, and more, St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most fun holidays around!

Custom T-Shirt Accessories: Earrings and Watches

For the crafty fashionistas among you, there are loads of awesomely stylish addendums that you can add to your favorite custom designed t-shirt. The possibilities are endless! One of our personal favorites is that perfect pair of hoop earrings for the ladies, and classic wrist watches for men. As both can pair perfectly with casual jeans and a t-shirt for a casual afternoon or dressed up for a night out, these are perfectly versatile accessories

Serving YOU with Custom T-shirts

At WhoopTee, we’re all about bringing you the most for the least: the highest quality design for the least amount of effort, the best customer service with the least amount of wait time, and the most merchandise for the least amount of money. This is how we’ve been able to earn the trust of our customers and believers, and how we’ve maintained that trust. We know you have other online design companies to choose from, and we’re honored when you choose us.

Custom T-Shirts: No Minimum!


So, you may have noticed that some of our merchandise has a purchase quota, but we also have a portion of our products page that has a handy dandy tool called “No Minimum,” which lists all of the pieces of merchandise we have available for purchase at any quantity.

What Happens When...You Google Strange Things

As previously established, Google surely knows I am an utter lunatic. I don’t even have normal things to be ashamed of, like visits to dirty websites or an online shopping addiction I’m covering up…rather, it’s things like “how to make your own Horcrux” or  “What happens when you mix skittles with peanut butter.” Totally normal, in my grown-up opinion.