If you have an event, party or upcoming celebration, you need to create a custom t shirt for your event. Everyone loves a t shirt and everyone will love you for giving them one. WhoopTee has an array of ideas, apparel and art to help you design your own t shirt.

Custom T-Shirts For Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness

With Halloween right around the corner, I have been seeing a lot of zombies hanging around.  I have been seeing them on custom t-shirts, Facebook, the Discovery Channel and the Center for Disease Control web site.  Yep, that’s right...I’m scratching my head too.  I was perplexed by the thought of the CDC warning the public to prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse but it’s for real.

Custom T-Shirts For Big Wed., Thanksgiving and Black Friday

It’s almost that time of year again.  Time to celebrate Thanksgiving with your friends and family!  Although Thanksgiving is referred to as a one day event, have you ever noticed that it is really a two or possibly three day event?  That’s right, Thanksgiving eve also known as “Big Wednesday” should get some recognition.  It’s the biggest party night of the year.

Custom T-Shirts for Birthday Presents

When it comes to birthday gifts, we all want to prevail and pull off finding the most awe-inspiring gift ever. Remarkable gift ideas usually take multiple brainstorming sessions before they come to fruition. One thing you should know is that you can NEVER go wrong with creating a custom t-shirt design for the next birthday gift you hand out.

The T-shirt Turns 100!

Coolest Custom T-shirt DIY Ever

As one who prides herself on how much she has scoured the internet looking for amazing ways to re-purpose custom t-shirts, I have to say, I am pretty blown away by this tutorial. It’s a quick, easy way to jazz up an old pair of flip-flops using a t-shirt. Very cool.

You start with this:

And wind up with this: 

Custom T-shirt How-To's: Adding Numbers to the Back

Well HEY there WhoopTee fans. Here’s another t-shirt/designer tool DIY post just for you! Want to learn how to deck out your team’s custom merchandise with really awesome names and team numbers on the back? With the WhoopTee designer tool, it’s super easy to design your own custom t-shirts for the whole family! Keep reading for specific instructions about how to make your merch pop. 

So to get started, have a look at the navigation in the designer tool. Should look like this:

Create Your Own Custom T-shirts or hoodies with WhoopTee

Hey WhoopTee fans! If you’re looking for the perfect place to design your own custom t-shirts, you’ve come to the right spot! With our handy dandy designer tool, there are all kinds of possibilities at your fingertips. To get started, log on today to make your custom t-shirt and apparel dreams come true.

Summer Camp T-shirts

Hey WhoopTee’ers! Summer is here, and you know what that means. Armpit weather? Yes. Delicious Ted Drew’s and Tropical Moose? Double yes. Super fly custom t-shirt madness that will have you looking so fresh, you’ll immediately land the significant other of your dreams? Duh.

Custom T-shirt Favorites

So at a custom t-shirt company, picking favorite shirts kind of feels like picking favorite children. It feels so wrong, but I can’t help it; I definitely have favorites! So just for you, I’ll take a minute to reveal my favorite t-shirt styles and colors with you. You’re welcome!

1) Canvas Unisex Jersey Tee