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Printing Charity Custom T-Shirts

At Whooptee, we have a special place in our hearts for the causes that matter to you. As a Midwestern family-oriented company, what matters to you matters to us.  Whether it be a charity fundraiser, walk-a-thon, annual bake sale, 5k run, or more, you can have faith that our passionate staff will be sure to help carry your vision through to completion, and won’t rest until you are completely satisfied with your shirt design and style.

No Duck Face

Universal Lies

How many of us have fallen prey to lies like these? No longer! At WhoopTee, we debunk the preceding lies in order to contribute to the greater good. To spare you the misery, we'll get cracking on the list above and translate these common tall tales. Now you know. Don't take the bait! 

1) I’m not drunk

Translation: Well, this isn’t completely a lie…I’m WASTED.

 2) I won’t hurt you

MTV Cancels I Just Want My Pants Back

Noooooo!! Why MTV, why? Actually, is anyone surprised? I suppose there's not enough room to squeeze in programming that is actually funny, artfully crafted, and full of heart amidst the fake tan-laden, Natural Light wielding degenerates of the networks’ highest-rated show, Jersey Shore


Bon Iver has teamed up with Keep, the cruelty-free fashion force in Los Angeles, to produce this shoe designed by Bon Iver frontman Justin Vernon.  Its light salmon color reportedly was inspired by his favorite sweatshirt, and the herringbone details are a nod to the fishbone graphic on the front (a graphic that doesn’t seem very cruelty-free to us...hmmm?).  These kinds of collaborations are popping up everywhere; they provide a sort of jump start to creativity and a think tank for great things to happen.  So why don’t

A Failing Win

Recently, Jorie posted this BP Fail tshirt which “gives the wearer an omnipresent voice” of protest against such flagrant environmental disasters.  And I completely agree: the oil spill was a total fail, and this shirt is social-commentary-win.  But can I give everyone two pieces of social commentary advice?  Here goes:  1) Center your message: don’t skew your graphic off to one side or the other, its sloppy, unprofessional, looks lazy, and 2) Those little pokey bits of your jeans pushing into your shirt round about your

BP Oil Spill Fail Tee

Exercise your voice with this awesome graphic tee critiquing the string of colossal errors behind the 4.9 million barrels of crude oil that were released into the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, causing “the largest environmental disaster in US history” according to the US Department of Justice.

23 Year Road Trip

Gunther Holtorf and his wife Christine celebrated the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 by setting out on what was going to be an 18-month road trip across Africa

Dear Male Species...Love Jenna