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Whooptee.com's Christmas Story

Christmas is a time for storytelling . . . and we’d like our Whooptee family to hear our story.  There’s no virgin involved, or even a bright star and three wise men.  We’re not saying that our fearless leader is close to the Messiah, but we do think he knows a thing or two about life . . .

Short List for a Short Week: 2015 in Review

In honor of this short work week provided by the Thanksgiving Holiday, the Whoop Team would like to reflect on a short list of things we’re thankful for in 2015.

Tis The Season for New T-Shirts!

Social media has never been so important as it has in the last few days.  While we may watch from afar, it’s easy to understand how intricately the fabric of our society is woven.  We are all truly connected.  

Photo Contest Battle Grounds

Back when you were a kid you had few things on your agenda: school in the morning, lunchtime, homework after school, and play with friends until dark.  That meant getting on your bike and going to your favorite hangout - the park, ice cream store or maybe an arcade.

Autumn or Fall? Whooptee Has It All

Here it is - the first of many obligatory fall themed essays about color, fashion and the ability to combine it all in one custom shirt. Well, maybe not one shirt, but a wardrobe of custom apparel.  Here goes . . .

Friday Fling with Fonts this Fall

Summer clothes are nearly disposable.  You know what I'm talking about - your t-shirts end up with with a variety of stains and rips, from sno-cone juice to bike chain tears.  But it’s fine, the shirt cost $10 and you were kind of “over it” anyway.

Back to School Tips from Whooptee.com

Take out your pencils and paper . . . it’s time for a pop quiz.  Okay, so it’s still barely summer, but in a couple weeks, it’s back to school.  Time to reinvent your image after a long summer of working out, getting a new group of friends from work and a new set of wheels.

Customize Your Camp Clothes With Us

ATTENTION ALL CAMPERS: It’s June, you’re off to camp with a dozen other girls named Kaylee, it’s rainy and hot all at the same time and you’re just not sure what to pack.

Whooptee Photo Contest: Send Us the Photos!

May is for milestones: graduations, weddings, first outing to the Cannes Film Festival in France . . . you know, normal, everyday things.  For Caroline, on May 9, it was Bat Mitzvah time!  This coming of age in the Jewish community when a girl enters spiritual maturity is marked with much preparation and even more festivities.  Such as:

Whooptee Design with Color in Mind

It’s so easy to look at an outfit in a store window and think it’s perfect.  Or find yourself flipping through the pages of a magazine and think they’ve reinvented the fashion plate - for the moment.