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WhoopTee RoundUp: Warmth, Friday the 13th. Pets

Welcome to WhoopTee RoundUp, where we run down some of the big topics in the world of custom t-shirts. It’s the end of another hard week, so kick back and relax with some tidbits of interest. 

Take Off Early and Enjoy a Beautiful Day

Today is a great day to play hooky. If not straight up hooky, maybe you can just get your work done early, or put it off, and leave the office a little early. After all, today is Leave the Office Early day. If you can’t do it today, don’t worry. Any sunny day you may be able to get off is just as good.

Surf Shirts: No Ocean Required (But Encouraged)

Maybe you can hit the coast this summer and get some surfing in. If so, good for you. Enjoy the waves and the sun. Everyone may not be able to hit the waves this summer, but there are a multitude of beach-like environments in every area that can be enjoyed this summer be it a lake or even a really nice pool.

Off with the Sleeves!

WhoopTee's Tips for High Heat


Labor Day Sale for All Celebrations

You know design, and this year’s annual Labor Day parade float is going to prove it to the whole town!  Some say you may have taken it too far when you stayed up all night working on the float, only to find wandering the streets in the morning covered paper mache in search of more coffee.

Tanks For The Memories

Soccer has cleats: tough and functional. Baseball has the jersey: personal and classic. Golf has plaid: timeless and bold. And summer has the tank top. Of course, tank tops aren’t always so easily defined; much like snowflakes or boyfriends – no two are ever exactly alike.