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If you are ready to design your own t shirt but cannot quite nail down the perfect design, visit our website for fabulous ideas and inspiration. WhoopTee has been sending out custom t shirt design ideas to the world wide web for over a year now.

Participate in the 2014 NPO Contest to win 500 shirts!

Sick of voting this week? Everywhere you turn, you’re voting for Homecoming Queen, your favorite Panera soup, senators and congressmen - enough is enough! Unless it’s something truly important like Whooptee.com’s Non-Profit Organization Contest. Organizations across the country have a chance to win 500 shirts (or up to $4,000 in merchandise) just by using our Designer Tool to create logos, designs and themes to get the message out to their communities.

Customization is Key to T-Shirts . . . and Sandwiches

It’s finally here! It’s Sandwich Day! Sandwich Day is finally here! Yes. November 3rd is Sandwich Day, and why not? There’s Christmas, Fourth of July, and Sandwich Day. I’m sure your head is ringing with declarations of love from all over for sandwiches, Sandwich Day and all Sandwich Day activities. Celebrate a delicious menu item that serves as breakfast, lunch or dinner and is both healthy and versatile. Never thought of it like that, huh? Then let’s take a look at how the sandwich has enhanced food culture, changed lives and brought families together for generations.

Don't Sweat It, Instead Make Sweats

Regular season NBA games are right around the corner  . . . are you ready? Don’t start in with the college ball versus professional.  No one (on the other side of this laptop) is even going to begin to compare the systems, salaries or schools that fuel the cash-cow.

Give a Thank You T-Shirt

It's hard being in business. Always competing with the big conglomerates for a client's attention, time and money.  Sometimes just getting a 15 minute meeting can be the difference between working from a home office to hiring an assistant. But it's not always just about a quick transaction; loyalty between customers and representatives can create an environment for better business for years to come.

Why Buy Whooptee?

Why Buy Whooptee?

I get it: you went to your search engine and typed in T-SHIRT MAKER or DESIGN A SHIRT or even CUSTOM APPAREL.  Congratulations, you have 243,000 options to choose from!  By some luck of the draw or marketing genius, you liked the name Whooptee.  It’s original, funny and on point.  Congratulations again – you’re a genius.

We genuinely appreciate your business and want to point out the ways we are different from other online t-shirt companies.

Football Superstitions? Whooptee has the Remedy

According to Dictionary.com, a superstition is: a belief or notion not based on reason or knowledge, in or of theominous significance of a particular thing, circumstance, occurrence, proceeding, or the like.

These circumstances can be debilitating during football season – if you don’t identify, confront and develop a game plan to overcome. 

Bump Tradition with a Custom T-Shirt

They’ve been sent, sung and super-sized. They’ve been ballooned, bubble gummed or butter-creamed. Whether he’ll grow up to be a mathematician or politician, find a creative way to announce your new addition.  Think beyond the pink and traditional blue while that baby makes its bump.  Custom apparel is a great way to announce your new bundle of joy.


Spam Scam – Beware of Imitation Custom Apparel

It's finally happened: I'm stuck in Africa on tour with One Direction and lost all my clothes. I had a feeling something like this was going to happen when we took the smaller jet with a new flight crew. We were making a quick jump from Spain over to Northern Africa and it seems the new flight crew forgot to pack one of my bags. Of course, it had to be the bag with all my custom apparel like tank tops, hoodies, sweatpants, etc. I watched the video on how to Design Your Own T-shirt and I desperately need help! 

Red, White and New Bulk Custom T Shirts

Throwing a Fourth of July party sounds like a lot of fun.  Picture it now: barbequing with friends, creating new cocktails, kids playing together in the pool – unless it’s Marco Polo.  Marco Polo should be outlawed. Other than that, good times, right?

Custom Sweatshirts For Swim Team?

Yes that’s right. Sweatshirts for swim team. When you’re a kid and tell people you’re on the swim team, all the Khoury league kids groan and tell you how lucky you are to “play in the pool” all day. Clearly they have never been in a freezing cold pool in early June just as the sun comes up. Going to be a high of 80 degrees today, huh? Well not yet.