Sold! Custom Auction T-Shirts to the Lady in the Hat

There’s something very Americana about a classic auction. Hungry buyers gather in an area and the highest dollar gets the prize. It’s capitalism in a microcosm; competition and an open market. What’s the price? How much are items worth? What someone is willing to pay. The price is totally dependent on competition.

Small Businesses Need Your Support Today!

Small businesses need your support today on Small Business Saturday! While Black Friday is a day for big box retailers use door busters to pit weary shoppers against each other like gladiators in the wee hours of Thanksgiving and the following morning.

Show Your Intern Some Love

Today is National Intern Day, a time to show some appreciation for interns. Chances are, most people who have an intern have themselves been an intern. Let’s face it, being an intern, while a rewarding experience in most cases, also can be a drag.