Create a partriotic custom t shirt design. Our clip art library has many icons, symbols and military art to use when designing.

Honor Old Glory in All Her Glory

Wow…did this month fly by or what? Yes, here was sit, with less than a week left in May. Times flies indeed. Yesterday, we warned you that time is ticking away for you to order a custom t-shirt as a Father’s Day present. Today we’re coving a holiday that is a lot less time sensitive for creating a custom t-shirt online.

Create Your Own T-Shirt Online to Show Your Patriotism

Happy Flag Day! June 14 is a day we have set aside to honor Old Glory every year. The flag is a symbol of the United States of America, all that it stands for, it’s history, and all those who have defended it. Why June 14?

Red, white and blue all year

On July 4th, most people were wearing red, white or blue t-shirts. Most t-shirts had something printed on it that showed pride to be an American. The anniversary of our Independence Day has already occurred in 2012, but why not show your American pride all year long?


WhoopTee has design features so that you will be able to create your own patriotic message and look to wear year-round.