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…STILL Freezing, NEED Long Sleeve Custom Tshirts

So it’s STILL freezing in the Midwest, we’ve gotten like ten feet of snow, and nobody has any idea what the cuss is going on. So the Midwest is basically disintegrating into a pile of madness while people run around and try to figure out how to handle the insane craziness of this winter. I have to say, I’ve been spending as much time in my delicious sweatpants and long-sleeve custom t shirts as possible while the rest of state has been taking after Sweet Brown. 

What Happens When...You Google Strange Things

As previously established, Google surely knows I am an utter lunatic. I don’t even have normal things to be ashamed of, like visits to dirty websites or an online shopping addiction I’m covering up…rather, it’s things like “how to make your own Horcrux” or  “What happens when you mix skittles with peanut butter.” Totally normal, in my grown-up opinion.