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Custom T shirt No-Sew Tank Top DIY!

Want to figure out how to transform this…
into this…
with these? 

How to Upload Literally ANY Image Onto a Custom T shirt

Hello there WhoopTee friends! Here’s a quick how-to post for those of you who might be struggling with how to upload your images into the designer tool. That’s one of the coolest parts about it. If you can’t find something within the giant trove of fonts, colors, clipart, and images available for you to use in the process of creating a t shirt design, you can always upload your own image or logo. It’s easy! Here’s how:

Finding the Perfect Custom T Shirt

Hello there dear WhoopTee friends...I feel like we’re all friends now because of all the strange things I’ve posted. If you poke back through the archives, you could learn an awful lot about me, things you probably don’t want to know, from my custom t shirts obsession to what my room looks like when I just don’t feel like cleaning it. And then, something kind of like this happens…

Wearing Custom T shirts All-Year-Round

It’s officially the end of the summer this weekend—it’s Labor Day!  But don’t worry, depending where you live, warm weather should stick around for one more month. You know what that means! It’s ok if you don’t---but it means one more month of custom t shirt weather!

Rainbow braided rug made of t shirts!

I found this GREAT tutorial if you have unworn custom t shirts lying around in the 20s. Well even if you don’t, you can always make a mini version of this floor rug. This is great for college students or anyone who is on a thrifty budget but not a thrifty style. If you have a lot of t shirt designs in gray or white, dying the fabric is always an option to get your desired look.

Wedding Rehearsal Bouquet made out of t shirts!

I don’t know if this is an actual trend in American weddings or just among my friends, but we like making craft bouquets for the wedding rehearsal. I found this awesome tutorial that shows you how to make a bouquet out of your old custom t shirts! How creative and cute is that!?

How to Dress up a Graphic T Shirt Design: Accessories

Trying to pull off a non-dressy t shirt in a professional setting can be tricky, but it’s not impossible. Today I bring to you, a list of accessories that can help you get there.

1)   The scarf

2)   Necklace

Things to Do with Your Old Band T Shirts

We’re all guilty of having them. You know, the oversized band t shirt or silly t shirt design? You don’t wear it, but you’re attached to it because it reminds you of something special. Well, I have news for you. I found an old posting about this on BuzzFeed, and they seemed to have some nifty ideas worth sharing.